Centre for Advance Islamic Economics (CAIE) participated in Global Forum on Islamic Finance being organized by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Lahore, Pakistan on March,08-09, 2016.

Centre for Business Shariah Compliance (CBSC)

Centre for Advance Islamic Economics (CAIE) is a research based global Shariah Solution Provider offering a wide range of advisory/consultancy/training/HR services for everyone including schools, colleges, universities, financial institutions, businesses across the globe. The entire CAIE team comprises of reputed Shariah Scholars, professionals, academics, experts and industry practitioners. CAIE has helped formulate a database of 600 fatwa(religious decrees) on modern financial matters concerning different businesses and will continue to issue and assist fatwa.

With the introduction of Islamic Banking, importance of Islamic Finance & Economics (IF&E) has taken precedence. As a result, there is a growing awareness and understanding on Halal & Haram earnings and other financial transactions across the globe. The understanding of Riba, Gharar (uncertainty) and Mayser/Qimar(speculative transactions) in financial matters and their impact has increased over a period of time. More and more people and businesses are asking to understand:

  • Valid sale and its types
  • Ten Basic rules of selling
  • Islamic Law of Contract
  • Five Khiyars

Therefore Islamic Finance & Economics (IF&E) is not just limited to Islamic Banking/institutions but encompasses the entire business world. IF&E encourages businessmen, self employed professionals, employees to understand the basic principles and apply them under the supervision of Shariah Scholars to ensure their respective businesses, transactions, policies, procedures, management, finances, decision making, employer-employee relationship, marketing, purchases, etc. Application of IF&E will not only bring benefits to their businesses but also bring peace to their hearts and take them closer to Allah Subhan o Talah/God Almighty.

Keeping in view the above, CAIE has established CENTRE FOR BUSINESS SHARIAH COMPLIANCE and introduces Business Shariah Compliance Certification offering the following services for any business entity across the world:

  • Understanding the current business cycle/flow and processes
  • Identification of areas within the organization that need urgent attention
  • Suggest solutions that are easy for the management to understand & implement
  • Develop guidelines, procedures, policies in conformity with shariah
  • Impart requisite training for the concerned
  • Develop in-house trainers
  • Help appoint Shariah Auditors preferably Shariah Scholars
  • Conduct annual Shariah Audit and renew certification


The entire CAIE team including its local and global partners is geared to achieve a common goal of being a leading institute for training and research.
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