Centre for Advance Islamic Economics (CAIE) participated in Global Forum on Islamic Finance being organized by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Lahore, Pakistan on March,08-09, 2016.
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Centre For Advance Islamic Economics

The Global Financial World has witnessed a phenomenal rise of Islamic Financial Industry dominated by Islamic Banks and supported by other Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs). More than 500 IFIs have been established around the world with an estimated size of US$ 1.2 Trillion. More than 60 countries have commenced Islamic Banking and many more are gearing to establish Islamic Banks. Malaysia, UAE, Bahrain and UK have emerged as Global Islamic Finance hubs and other countries like Germany, France, and Singapore are aiming to have their share of Islamic Finance. Islamic Finance Industry is expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of 20%.

Centre for Advance Islamic Economics (CAIE) is a global & complete Shariah Solution Provider for different sectors of the economy namely; services, production, manufacturing, trading, etc. CAIE has been established to promote understanding of Islamic Finance, professionalism and Best Practices in Islamic Banking and Finance industry through consultancy, corporate trainings, seminars/workshops, research and publications.

CAIE believes capacity building from schools to universities, sole proprietor ship businesses to public limited/joint stock companies, SMEs to Corporate entities, chartered accountants to professional lawyers, academic to professional trainers and self employed professionals such as doctors, engineers, etc. is the need of the hour.

CAIE has the commitment, resolve, motivation, zeal and human resources to meet the present and future requirements of the Global Financial Industry.

CAIE comprises of a team of dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds and proven knowledge and skills required for Islamic Banking and Finance. The team includes Islamic Banking Professionals, lawyers, educationists and self employed professionals ably led by Islamic Scholars of repute.

CAIE is playing a meaningful role in the development and promotion of Islamic Financial Industry and would continue to do so in the days to come.

Our Muftis’ (Islamic Scholars)

Mufti Muhammad Ifitkhar Baig Graduate of prestigious Darul Aloom, Karachi

Mufti Mahmood Ahmad Graduate of prestigious Darul Aloom, Karachi

Mufti Salman Ahmad Khan Graduate of prestigious Darul Aloom, Karachi, Pakistan.

Mufti Muhammad Khalid Burhan Graduate of prestigious Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore, Pakistan.

Mufti Muhammad Maaz Graduate of prestigious Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore, Pakistan.

Mufti Ismail Bin Mufti Ebrahim Desai, Graduate of Darul Uloom Nu’maniyyah, Durban, South Africa.

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